Veve Exclusive Groups

Groups based on NFT ownership
Contact: SleepynComics

Run an exclusive group? DM SleepynComics to get your group added to the list.

  • Veve Gold Logo Group
    (ownership of a Veve Gold NFT)
    contact: @MrMC1_eth
  • The Miles High Club
    (ownership of a Miles Morales SR NFT)
    contact: @nft_pirates
  • Partners Club
    (ownership of a Walt Disney Partners Statue NFT)
    contact: @PartnersStatue
  • HT3 (Hero Trinity 3) Collector Group
    (ownership of Spidey Animated SR, Todd or Superman)
    contact: @realrandychavez
  • Jake the Dog Group
    (ownership not required)
    contact: @Getz88
    (ownership of a Little Friends Ape: Rare, Ultra-rare, or Secret-Rare)
    contact: @vevebrain