MASC Veve Comic List
Veve Community Member comic list
Author: MASC (twitter:")
Publish Date: May 11, 2022
Important Comics Notes
Marvel Comics #1 1st Marvel Comic on the Block Chain
Fantastic Four #1 FA FF4 1st Family of Marvel
Star Wars #1 FA Star Wars A book that changed Marvel's course in history that brought more fans into Marvel comics and saved the company
Ultimate Fallout #4 FA Mile Morales The Future of Marvel/Spiderman/Sony
Amazing Spider-Man #1 1st Solo story, #1 Marvel Superhero Character, tied for first solo title crossover with FF 12
Strange Tales #110 FA Dr. Strange Carrying the Marvel Torch from Iron Man will continue in MCU
Fantastic Four #5 FA Doctor Doom Highly Anticipated Villan, high spec will he be foe then friend, possible Anti-Hero Story line
DareDevil #1 FA DareDevil Beloved character, strong comic presense, has a future in the MCU
X-Men #4 FA Scarlet Witch is now set as the strongest Avenger, has multi year contract
Journey Into Mystery #85 FA Loki One of the best MCU casting, will continue in Disney+ and possible big screen as we continue with the Multiverse
Fantastic Four #12 Iconic Meeting between Hulk and Thing ties with ASM #1 as first solo title crossover
Avengers #8 FA Kang Ties to multiple heros and villans with many story line. Very Important in MCU movies and shows
Amazing Spider-Man #3 FA Doc Ock Iconic villian, risk is will he stay relevent
Amazing Spider-Man #14 FA Green Goblin Iconic Villan, risk will he stay relevent
Captain America #117 FA Sam Wilson will continue his role as Captain America this book will continue to rise in value
Werewolf by Night #32 FA Moon Knight with the success of Moon Knight show and rthe upcoming Werewolf by Night show will increase value of this title
Marvel Spotlight #5 FA Ghost Rider, large cult following in the comic book world.
New Mutant #98 FA Dead Pool 2 movies and more a fan and collector favorite.
Amazing Spider-Man #50 FA KingPin will continue to be relevent in the MCU
Fantastic Four #13 FA The Watcher, will continue his What If series and possible MCU Apperance in the future.
Tales of Suspense #52 FA Black Widow many MCU apperances, risk is after death will character remain relevant
Tales of Suspense #57 FA Hawkeye seems he will continue in the MCU
Avengers #57 FA Vision we may still see White Vision in the MCU again
Avengers #47 FA Dane Whitman played by Kit Harrington only problem is Issue #48 when he becomes Black Knight and is valued higher
Amazing Spider-Man #101 FA Morbius movie did not do this book any favor but still a highly collectible comic.
Honorable MCU Mention  
NYX #3 FA X-23 Laura Kinney, possible MCU apperance, sought after book, team member of the new X-Men lineup
Vengeance #1 FA America Chavez, will have a long stay in the MCU. Will not have many books in the app. 1st Latinx Marvel Superhero
Amazing Spiderman #252 FA Black Suit Spidey by Publication date, Black suit seems to be the direction that the next Spidey phase is going.
Strange Academy #1 FA Strange Academy, very popular title possible Disney+ spec. Not many titles in the market only 18 issues.
Inhumans #5 FA Yelena Belova played by Florence Pugh will be in the MCU in multiple shows and movies and a scene stealer.